Isabel Schröder   music_theatre_director
opera after the myth of Procne and Philomela

About the vicious circle of violence and cruelty. The loss of culture, language and your own place in the world. And about the special bond between sisters.

"SISTERS shows that atrocity can be shaped both in a poignant and in a playful way. That's all here excellently done, especially by the actor and the two singers."
Max Arian,****

"Beautiful are the moments when the percussionist evokes arcadian atmospheres by placing little cimbals on the ground and letting them tinkle gently. Attractive are also the selfmade electronic instruments, which are mainly played by the two sisters, that miraculously produce rather archaic than modern sounds. "
Thea Derks, Cultureel persbureau

Press voices:
Cultureel persbureau
Groene Amsterdammer about the best operas of 2014

Direction and libretto: Isabel Schröder
Composition: Anna Mikhailova
Mezzo-soprano (Procne): Antje Lohse
Mezzo-soprano (Philomela): Merlin Runia
Actor (Tereus) Fabian Holle
Boy (Itys): Bettino Weisser
Saxophones: Stefan de Wijs
Drums/Percussion: Robbert van Hulzen
Instrumentbuilder: Loek Vellekoop & Phonophilia
Costumes: Judith de Zwart
Light design: Jose Warmerdam
Sound design: Sybren Danz

Produced by Diamantfabriek, production house for contemporary music theatre